mydscoop mobile app

Ideas. Anywhere, anytime.

Whichever way you prefer to connect, Dscoop has you covered. The myDscoop app gives members another way to join the conversation, engage and connect from any device.

All the information you need, at your fingertips! Navigating your way around Dscoop has never been easier.

myDscoop, the free Dscoop mobile app, allows you to:

  • Join the conversation, connect with Dscoop members and conference attendees around the globe in real-time
  • Build your personalised agenda from the complete schedule
  • All the speaker profiles in the palm of your hand
  • Find the latest information on the latest innovations from HP and Dscoop Partners
  • Be the first to access conference news and special offers
  • Connect with Dscoop partners

myDscoop is available for free download on Apple and Android devices as well as mobile web.

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