Masters of Ceremony


Keelan Leyser entertains millions of people around the world with his distinct brand of digital technology magic. He was voted British Magic Grand Prix Champion and British Magic Champion of General Magic. Keelan Leyser has performed in over 60 countries and on over 100 television shows. He created a popular YouTube clip that got over 13 million views.

Keelan was personally invited to perform for Prince Charles and the Kings of both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.


Matt Daniel-Baker has been performing magic professionally for over 15 years. He enthralls his audiences by combining digital technology, sleight of hand, and psychological illusion. Matt is also an accomplished actor and writer. He has a number of theatre and films credits under his belt as well.

In 2010, He co-wrote, produced and starred in a feature film called, The Shouting Men. He appeared as a Naboo Foot Soldier in ‘Star Wars – The Phantom Menace’ and is featured in the official Panini sticker album as an action figure of his character from the film.

Together they are the The Digital Illusionists and have created a unique stage magic act utilising 10 iPads and state of the art technology. They are the most popular double act magic duo in the UK and regularly perform for some of the most prestigious corporate events and award ceremonies worldwide.

Keynote Speakers


Neuro-Scientist and Founder
and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio

Dr Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuroscientist whose studies in human perception have taken him well beyond the scientific domain and into the fields of education, the arts and business. Public engagement, in the broadest sense, is at the core of what Beau does – whether he’s creating scientific experiments, giving talks or making TV programmes.

By enabling people to experience what it is to be a scientist, Beau’s aim is to encourage them to see science not as an academic investigation but as a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of their lives: this discovery can be powerful enough to make people think differently about both themselves and the world around them.

Presentation title: The Science of Seeing Differently

There are two parts to innovation: efficiency and creativity. In other words, innovation combines ability to create ‘novel’ solutions to meaningful problems and the ability to realise those solution. Society is typically focused – at times almost exclusively – on only one half of the innovation equation … namely, on efficiency. The simple, yet fundamental problem is that our world changes. Thus so too must we. We’ll discover that there’s nothing creative about creativity. Rather, creativity is only creative from the outside and we will use perceptual neuroscience to discuss the ecology of innovation that enables us not simply to be creative … or efficient, but to move from data (which is inherently meaningless) to the meaning of data … and back, since the greatest innovations happen by being ‘at the edge of chaos’ … on average.


Mainstream Published Author, International Speaker and Business Mentor

Mark has been there and done it himself in business and now helps others do the same. He is also proud to be a Millionaire Mentor for the EBA, chosen by Bev James, Founder and MD. The Entrepreneurs Business Academy is a joint venture with BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den Star, James Caan. Mark helps business owners and their teams achieve better results. He has also been featured in many mainstream publications and magazines.


Mark is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Speaker, who started, built and ran his own Internet Software Company successfully selling to a USA Silicon Valley organisation. After selling his company he retired for 15 minutes before getting bored! He then went on to discover what had made him successful and now spends his time helping others achieve their own dreams and success. Mark will share how anyone can achieve success in life with the right attitude, approach and communication. The mindset of success separates those that struggle and those that succeed and achieve amazing success. Some people have this mindset naturally and assume they are just great or lucky. Most people need to learn and develop the success mindset attributes in order to be more successful. Learn the key Mindset, attitude and approaches that successful people have. How they build belief, how they handle setbacks and apparent failure, how they spot opportunities that others miss out on.


General Manager,
Indigo Division HP Inc.

Alon Bar-Shany is the General Manager of the Indigo Division at Hewlett Packard in Nes Ziona, Israel. He has held worldwide responsibility for the HP Indigo Division since 2004. Alon oversees all aspects of the development, marketing and deployment of HP Indigo solutions to over 4,000 customers in 120 countries.

A strong advocate of close customer relationships, he also sits on the Global Board of Directors of Dscoop, the independent users association of HP Graphic Arts solutions, where he can engage and share ideas with partners.

Prior to this role, Alon ran the HP Indigo business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and served as the chief financial officer of HP Indigo (1998 – 2002). He was corporate vice president of finances for HP Indigo from 1995 until present.

Alon joined HP Indigo from Israel Chemicals Ltd. in 1995, where he held various executive positions in finance, strategic planning and business development. Alon holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in History and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.