While the online gambling industry remained steadfast during the initial surge of COVID-19, slow economic recovery followed, even when lockdowns were lifted. As a result, regular online casino customers are showing certain changes in gaming behavior. After all, they need to be frugal when gambling amidst the uncertainties posed by the global economic crisis. .

The changes in customer behavior are rippling theoughoutn the online gambling industry since not a few online casino operators are starting to feel the pinch of low customer engagements. Yet as operators of real money online gaming sites, they must be responsive by making adjustments when it comes to addressing concerns, particularly when processing requests for withdrawal of winnings.

That way, they can stay true to their promise of providing rewarding experiences instead of adding to the financial worries of patrons. Other gamblers will seek online gambling entertainment as a form of relief for anxieties, and the first thing they will make sure of is the trustworthiness of a virtual gambling site.

Why Most Gamblers in Southeast Asia Still Engage in Online Gambling Despite Prohibitions

Although gambling in Asian countries like Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia is not recognized as legal, gambling in online casinos remains a popular pastime. Mainly because their favorite online casinos and betting sites are taking steps to make sure their patrons are playing in a safe and secure environment.

918Kiss: An Example of a Safe and Secure Asian Online Casino

918Kiss online casino for one, offers its betting products and services only by way of mobile gambling. Doing so will keep the betting transactions private and hidden from prying eyes.

Its mobile gambling technology uses Virtual Private Network or VPN, instead of using the platforms of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That being the case, all mobile gambling activities and transactions transpiring between the online casino and the mobile casino gambler will become unreadable to ISPs, government agencies, law enforcers and even hackers.

On-the-Spot Mobile Casino App Download

When opening an account with 918kiss online casino, a registering customer has to carry out the entire processes through the website of a trusted 918Kiss agent or affiliate. Starting with the mobile application download, the agent’s website provides the APK (Android) or iOS-ASP files that will enable registering customers, to successfully download the 918Kiss mobile app right on the spot.

Privacy of Communication via Whatsapp or Telegram App

Once the mobile app gets installed in the device, the onboarding process takes place with the help of a 918Kiss support staff. Communication between the assisting staff and the registering customer will be coursed through another app, either the Telegram or Whatsapp. This is another security feature to ensure that any exchange of messages between the two are kept private using proprietary encryptions.

Compliance with Identity Verification Procedure

As in any regulated online gambling site, the support staff will verify the identity of the registering individual. If no problem is encountered, the 918kiss staff will proceed with the onboarding process by helping the customer make the initial deposit. Once completed, the support staff will provide the new customer with a password to use when accessing his or her 918Kiss online casino account and the broad selection of games listed in the dropdown menu.

24/7 Assistance in Processing Deposit or Request for Withdrawal

When withdrawing funds or placing additional deposits, 918kiss customers will follow the same procedure of communicating with a support staff, either by way of Whatsapp or Telegram. One will always be available to provide assistance 24/7 at an agent’s website, and address any concerns, including facilitating of deposit or immediate processing of withdrawal requests

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