Recent studies show that consumers are inclined to pay more attention to branded content as the so-called “banner blindness” is now prevalent.Apparently, those who read branded content spend an average of forty-five seconds, which is definitely a lot longer than the average 1.6 seconds spent on viewing display ads.

That being the case, businesses are more likely to have greater advertising exposure from branded content. Statistics show that consumers regard branded content as 22x more engaging than banner ads because they contain information consumers find useful and relevant to their needs.

According to a Nielsen report, branded content outperforms banner ads in terms of brand recall. Studies show branded content increased brand recall by 86%. Compared to banner ads, brand recall was measured at only 65%. These statistical findings clearly denote that branded content spurs online interac and raises consumer interest in goods and services.

Understanding the Science Behind “Banner Blindness”

The advertising world considers “banner blindness” a real concern for today’s marketers. People have become increasingly used to ignoring display ads that click-through rates had dropped to figures lower than 0.1%. In a separate study, it was revealed that 14% of consumers who have read branded content reach out to advertisers to get additional information.

Marketers who partner with premium publishers in distributing branded content have seen greater advertising efficiency by 50%. Marketing experts explain the science behind “banner blindness” as something that relates to pattern recognition. Once consumers recognize the marketer’s pattern of linking branded content to trusted publishers, such recognition will also look into patterns that associate the publishers to those who give importance to values and reputation. “Banner blindness” therefore is a result of the absence of any relatable pattern.

Post Author: Mckenna Queen

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