It doesn’t matter if you receive loan from a bank or from Zebra loans from New Zealand or has acquired it through alternative lender. What matters most here is that, the funds you have acquired can help you in achieving your business goals, ensure continued growth and make the necessary changes.

Probably, your mind is thinking of all potential outcomes with the money you have on hand. However, just before loan reaches your bank account, it is vital to think thoroughly of what you should do with your funds. According to business finance experts, there are certain methods that should be applied when managing your finances, more so if it comes from a business loan.

Initially, your personal money and business money has to be in a separate account. In the event that you are using the loan funds in covering the existing operational purchases and expenses, then you may want to put it somewhere other than your main business checking account. In essence, pretending that the money is not there and transferring only when you need it prevents you from overspending.

Automatic Loan Repayments

We are all guilty of missing or having late payments on our loan. And while this may be common to many of us, this is no laughing matter. It can damage your credit score. Furthermore, it can make it harder to borrow money in case you need it in the future. One way of ensuring that you’d stay on top of loan repayments is to set up automatic debits.

Majority of the lenders have an online banking system that lets you do this. So long as you know that there will be fund that would come in every month to make the payments, it is going to save you from the hassle and stress of moving your money manually.

What must be Avoided?

Of course, if there are things that you can do to make the most of your newly acquired business loans, there are couple of things that has to be averted as well. What are these things if you may ask? Read on…

Spending simply because you could – probably, there are dozens of smaller expenses that you have to cover from your newly acquired loan. Before spreading the money out, make sure that you’ve prepared a plan for that bulk of money.

You may be thinking that spending 20 or 50 dollars here and there will not affect your financial strategy? Think again! This little amount will gradually add up and before you know it, you already fall short on funds and stressed out on where to get money again.

Post Author: Bella Alita

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