Since Russian invasion in Ukraine is anticipated as imminent, tension is being aggravated by increases in European the prices of electricity and natural gas. Apparently, Russia is Europe’s main source of natural gas, supplying about ⅓ of what Ukraine is exporting to other countries.

Actually, the European continent has been experiencing a growing shortage on energy-producing resources, which can lead to frequent occurrences of blackouts in the region. Especially now that the prices are pegged at five times higher than what used to be normal, since Europe’s storage facilities are currently running out of natural energy resources. This denotes that the tension between Russia and Ukraine will not only be affecting gas and electricity, but also other commodities.

Russia’s Ukraine Invasion to Cause Economic Disruptions in Europe

As Russia flexed its control over natural energy sources, increments in energy prices have caused inflation throughout Europe. The move started a cost-of-living crisis, which has forced various governments help citizens pay off energy bills.

Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy Jason Bordofff mentioned how the disruption on the energy supplies could be very hard to handle. It is even possible that we might experience true energy shortage. It is important to note that the energy crisis have already been happening even before the Russia-Ukraine invasion issue.


Since summer of last year, Russia has been holding back the energy resources. As a result, countries in the European continent has been relying on dirty coal just to keep the lights on. France is also experiencing numerous nuclear outages, which is the country’s largest atomic producer. Electricite de France SA warns that the output for 2022 could reach its lowest since 1990.

The tensions between the countries also backtracked the metals markets as merchants are getting ready for possible disruptions in supply. According to the London Metal Exchange, nickel and aluminum prices increased, including Palladium of which 40% of the supply comes from Russia.

The prices for services and goods in the U.K. are at its highest in the past 30 years, and will even top 7% once the limit on electricity and gas bills are lifted by April.

Campaign Against Climate Change activist John Sinha mentioned they’re facing a cost-of-living crisis of which energy plays a big part. Sinha added that people now have to choose between heating and eating as a result of of fuel poverty.

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