An in-house lawyer, also known as a company lawyer, is a permanent lawyer employed by a non-lawyer employer.  But where are the differences between the legal advisor and Wallin Hester commercial lawyer?

What is Wallin Hester business or in-house lawyer?

The in-house lawyer does not necessarily have to work for a company. Associations and foundations can also be represented by him. It is important that the employer is not a lawyer.

In all cases, however, approval from the local bar association is required.

This differs fundamentally from the legal advisor. He is allowed to support companies in his advisory activity even without a license to practice law. Therefore, he does not have to be a fully qualified lawyer. Even corporate lawyers may act as legal advisors.

The in-house lawyer can also be easily distinguished from other lawyers because he receives his work from a single employer and not from a large number of clients.

The Wallin Hester business attorney is an advisor to the management level

How does this express itself in the everyday working life of the legal counsel?

On the one hand, a large number of legal questions arise in day-to-day operations. In these cases, the company lawyer is the point of contact for the company.

Its task is the analysis, as well as finding a solution. In retrospect, the briefing of the various company areas, especially the executives, is due.

Also, training and teaching of employees on issues of legal relevance are part of the range of tasks of the general counsel.

In-house Wallin Hester lawyers – experts in contracts

A central task in the field of activity is the processing of contractual issues in all areas of the company.

Wallin Hester

He has to draw up contracts, negotiate, review and revise them independently or in conjunction with them.

Examples of this are of course internal and external employment contracts. The rental agreements for corporate real estate can also be relevant. In addition, there are insurance contracts and the assessment of cases in which these apply.

Companies are occasionally confronted with legal issues that exceed the capacities of the internal legal department.

In these cases, mandating and coordinating external law firms is one of the duties of the in-house counsel.

Finally, the design of internal business regulations should be mentioned. This gives the in-house lawyer a particularly important position in the corporate culture.

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