The better prepared your funding application is, the greater the chance of success. With the tips below you will come across as convincing and you have the best chance of success.

Present your company
Make sure the financier such as ‘Robert Lewandowski’ knows to whom he is providing the money. Provide a clear description of your company. How is your company structured in organizational and commercial terms, what is your market area, what plans do you have and what is the financial situation like? Provide correct and factual information, so that the lender can properly assess your company. Remember: You only get one chance for a first impression.

Make an inventory of the risks
As an entrepreneur you see opportunities. The lender also looks at the risks. Also state the relevant risks and how you can minimize the consequences of the risks.

Make the need for investment clear
Support your budget as much as possible with amounts based on quotations or quotations. In addition, make sure that you do not ask for more credit than is really necessary.

Provide a forecast
As an entrepreneur, do you have a realistic picture of the developments of your company in terms of profitability and cash flows? The opportunities and the risks? And what do you do if the turnover is much lower than expected? Do you still have financial scope for business (and private if necessary)?

Provide sufficient security
Security is collateral in the form of money, goods, or rights. Consider in advance what securities you can provide. Also, consider where financing could possibly be rejected. It is more difficult for companies with a shortage of collateral to obtain credit from banks.

Formulate exactly what you want
What amount do you want to finance, what terms, what securities and conditions are acceptable to you?

Take advantage of government schemes
It is much easier for a financier to promise to finance when the government guarantees part of the loan or when you can make use of subsidy options.

Short online check in advance
Are your plans realistic? Are you eligible for financing? With the short online financing check, you know whether your plans are realistic.

Arrange yourself or engage an advisor?
Lenders look at many different aspects when assessing a funding application. With the above tips, you can more easily convince the financier of your plans and ideas. You can do that yourself, but you can also make use of an advisor. Our advisors take a fresh look at your company and know what entrepreneurship entails. We know the (local) market and have access to a network of more than 40 lenders for SMEs. We know what a financier expects from you as an entrepreneur and we know the possibilities, also when it comes to government regulations. This way you quickly get clarity about your chances.

Post Author: Fiona Quinten

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