California Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced plans to fully resume economic activities by June 15, but will still require everyone to wear protective masks. Governor Newsom said that masks are still mandated statewide and that the state will only resume business operations if the hospitalization rates stay low and stable.

Gov. Newsom believes that it is time to make quick progress as California’s infection rate is currently one of the lowest in the country. Furthermore, California’s vaccination programs have been making progress so far, since as many as 20 million Covid-19 vaccines have been administered throughout the state.

On a nationwide level, the state is on record as having the strictest pandemic restrictions, having been the first to issue a lockdown order that required people to stay at home. There is also a complex color-coded tier system that serves as a basis for determining which businesses will be allowed to reopen at a specific capacity — the coding depended on how widespread the transmission of the virus is in the areas.

Nonetheless, the color-coded tier system is slated to end in August, albeit dependent on the developments that will transpire. If all things remain positive, it could also mean that all businesses will be allowed to reopen by June 15

Governor Newsom voiced hopes that the end of the pandemic is near, making them look forward to reopening California’s economy. They are also starting to plan for what’s next during post-pandemic, including keeping up the practices, like getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

Federal Health Officials Asks Citizens to Continue with Safety Protocols

Federal health officials led by Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to raise the public’s awareness about the importance of continuing the public health measures, especially this forthcoming summer season. Dr. Fauci, gave reminders of what happened last summer, when a significant surge of infection cases occurred, contrary to what was expected.

The White House leading coronavirus expert advises people to get vaccinated, either with two doses of Pfizer or with Moderna.

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