Louisiana’s Statistically High Rate of Car Crashes in 2021

car accidentBased on the 2021 report of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Louisiana’s fatal crash incidents during the year was 1.78 for every 100 million vehicle miles travelled. Driver error that caused injury or fatality was due to negligence or failure to apply proper amount of care while behind the wheel. The IIHS report also stated that drunk driving was the leading cause of fatal car accidents in the state.

Other causes of car accidents in Louisiana include speeding especially in bad road and weather conditions, distractions such as texting and talking, as well as feelings of frustrations arising from delays caused by traffic jams.

How to Proceed with Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Louisiana

personal injury lawsuitIf you find yourself involved in an automobile accident in Louisiana and you want to file a lawsuit to claim compensations for the damages you suffered, it would be best to get the services of a reputable personal injury attorney. Choose one who can help you understand the complexity of the legal aspects of personal injury lawsuits to claim settlements in Louisiana.

Although insurance companies pay proceeds of insurance coverages, the injured party of a collision can seek compensation for the other compulsory damages such as medical costs, loss of income or wages, as well as for the substantial physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by the car crash incident.

However, one of the important Louisiana laws related to the filing of a personal injury lawsuit is the one-year statute of limitations. This rule limits the period within which the injured party can file a lawsuit to pursue damage claims immediately following the car accident.

Louisiana is a Tort State As Far as Awarding Compulsory Damage is Concerned

A competent personal injury attorney can help a car crash victim navigate the complex process of claiming economic and non economic damages, Yet it’s important to understand that Louisiana is a “tort” state and not a no-fault jurisdiction for car accidents.

A personal injury victim can hold the other driver responsible for paying damages only if it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the latter had caused the car crash. Apparently, pursuing claims for damages by way of a personal injury lawsuit could turn into a long drawn out process that might eat up one’s savings.

Providentially, there are lawsuit funding companies in Louisiana that provide cash assistance for this purpose when needed.

Lawsuit Funding Companies in Louisiana

Getting funding support from a lawsuit lending company during an ongoing personal injury lawsuit, will make a car crash victim more confident in expecting a favorable outcome in terms of settlement awards. Still, there is no guarantee that the results will be favorable since the defendant’s
lawyer will also try to disprove that his client is not at fault.

If the personal injury victim fails in his bid to collect a settlement for compulsory damages, the lawsuit funding company will not hold him liable for the lawsuit loan previously awarded.

The arrangement is risky on the part of the lawsuit funding company but this can be compensated by the fees and interest charges that would have applied as part of the deal.

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