Finance Planning: Introduction to Financial Management.
In this Lecture, you will be able to, Explain the importance of financial management, Describe the inter-relation among financial decisions, Explain the functional areas of modern financial management, Discuss the organization of the finance functions, Describe the objectives of financial management.

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The Way To Invest In Gold While In Canada

Gold Bars


Wish to spend gold in Canada? The very perfect method to put money into gold from Canada is to purchase physical gold in The Royal Canadian Mint, or even to put money into gold ETFs.

Together with the continuously increasing cost of gold, lots of Canadian investors have been taking another look at the physical merchandise. In the previous five decades alone, the purchase cost of gold has almost doubled, rewarding individuals who invisibly to this physical product.

If you are starting out as an investor, or have been you interested in the greater price of gold, then now’s the very ideal time to begin getting educated about exactly what makes gold a fantastic investment, and the way you’re able to add it to your holdings. Here is everything you want to learn about how to put money into gold in Canada.

Why Invest in Canada?

Gold is among the earliest investments ever, frequently sought out because of its rarity and malleability. Through the years, retailers would exchange gold coins involving themselves to cover services and goods. In addition, the expression”gold standard” came in the inherent worth of gold. If a thing is regarded as the very best of its course, it’s frequently compared with the worth of this pricey metal.

Nonetheless, its glow and workability aren’t the sole reasons gold retains a top price. Gold is among the most sought-after materials in the world for a lot of its attributes. Unlike other metals, the gold won’t corrode over time. And as it’s non-ferrous, it won’t rust. And since the planet’s supply stays now, there is enough gold to make coins and bars, but not too much it is going to wind up over-abundant and eliminate value.

Gold would be the cornerstone of these investment-grade valuable metals. Together with silver, silver, and palladium gold is usually in high demand among investors and collectors alike.

How Can I Locate Gold Investments in Canada?

Back in 2005, the Canadian government chose the movement to permit citizens to have physical gold as part of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Ever since that time, investors are quick to bring concrete assets to their portfolios, even to the hopes that the cost will continue growing over time.

If you’re thinking about incorporating gold into your investment plan, there are 3 important methods to go into the gold industry.

  1. It’s possible to purchase and save gold.
  2. You’re able to put money into gold onto the Canadian stock markets.
  3. You’re able to put money into gold via an RRSP.

Each plan has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which is right for you will depend on your own objectives and general strategy.

Purchase Physical Gold Canada

The most direct approach to put money into gold would be to buy it straight. Now’s investment-grade gold comes in 2 kinds: golden bars or silver coins.

When most men and women consider gold, they frequently consider their one-kilogram trapezoid-shaped pubs sitting at a safe vault. These gold bars are all readily available to investors around the current marketplace but are extremely pricey. According to the current location costs, one-kilogram gold pubs may cost upwards of $60,000.

A cheaper alternative is one-ounce gold pubs, available in the Royal Canadian Mint along with other refiners across the globe.


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In the event you do not need to put money into gold bars, it is possible to even put money into gold coins minted from the Royal Canadian Mint as well as many others around the globe. These golden coins could be redeemed as regular money, or even to commemorate people and events. Similar to gold bars, the cost can fluctuate dependent on the burden and promote cost.

The largest benefit of investing in gold is in its own kind. Unlike stocks and ETFs that could change the value by the next, real gold is a real advantage — that may be bought, bartered, or offered at prices at or above the market price. However, the downside, you’ll be liable for keeping the stone, either in your house or inside a financial institution. Whenever some gold retailers provide a storage service, firmly storing it in their own vault or in a financial institution will incur storage prices as time passes.

Invest in Gold Canadian Stock Markets

If you’d rather not maintain physical gold, then you always have the option to put money into gold-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs for short). Firms like iShares, Sprott as well as the Royal Canadian Mint provide investment vehicles that will assist you to put money into golden, without even paying the high prices per oz.

The advantage of investing in a gold ETF is the fact that it divides the danger between multiple investors, together with qualified specialists making decisions concerning the management of the finance. Additionally, you’ll not need to be concerned about keeping physical stone, because most of it is accepted by the ETF. However, the downside, these resources could be volatile, and also vary in cost based on numerous market effects.

Prior to buying any ETF, make certain to read the prospectus and be certain it’s the ideal choice for your requirements.

Invest in Gold Throughout an RRSP

At length, Canadian law lets you put money into gold via an RRSP. This investment can arrive in two kinds: ETFs along with other capital, or possessing gold.

In the event you choose to bring an ETF for your RRSP, it is as straightforward as putting an order via your broker and holding as it fulfills your requirements. However, in the event that you prefer to acheter or (literally means buy gold in French), then you’ve got two choices: either buying gold coins by the Royal Canadian Mint or even holding pubs by a refinery licensed by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

There are pros and cons to both methods. Like any investment, it ought to be carefully considered prior to a buy it’s made. Should you choose to buy physical gold to get an RRSP, then it is going to have to be held with a third-party custodian, that will confirm your holdings and then document them to the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Things to Search for Before Purchasing Gold Canada

Like every investment vehicle, profits aren’t guaranteed and will eliminate value with time. More to the point, not everything is as it appears online, which means that you may be purchasing fake merchandise on the incorrect site. So how can you ensure you are buying Gold Canada?

In the event you choose to purchase physical gold, then make sure you do your homework in the business you’re purchasing from. The Better Business Bureau provides independent reviews about businesses, although the LBMA’s membership record is accessible to the general public. Make sure you read the comments and assess memberships of those traders you opt to work with, to make certain that you’re receiving the actual thing.

If you prefer to go the ETF path, then think about all of your options carefully. Before settling on finance, make certain to read the prospectus to comprehend the way the gold has been held, who’s the custodian of this gold, and the way decisions to purchase or sell are created. Simply invest as soon as you realize the financial objectives, and are convinced that it matches your general plan.

Even though it might appear expensive to put money into stone, it can be a rewarding addition to a portfolio when done correctly. By doing your study and deciding the way to incorporate gold into your own investment plan, it is possible to make certain you’re investing in gold in Canada exactly the ideal way.


Complaints vs. Robinhood Escalates : Frustrated Customers Show Up at Menlo Park Office

As more news about complaints and lawsuits against Robinhood are being reported, frustrated customers showed up at the fintech’s Menlo Park office.

Agitated customers who want to close their account but were barred from doing so because they’ve been locked out of their Robinhood account. Since the fintech’s customer service support has not been responding to their emails, about 15 different Robinhood account holders arrived at the nondescript headquarter, looking to speak in person with a representative. However, security guards at the door were apparently under instructions not to let them in and instead gave the complainants forms to fill up.

The local police were called on to help the security guards, as some angered and frustrated customers were already acting in fits of rage; kicking and pounding on the building. According to police reports, one threw his t shirt at a security guard, while another was said to have hurled dog feces at the front door. Still, another customer vented his anger on a statue in the property by sawing the sculpture.

In recent weeks, over two dozen users of Robinhood’s trading app have filed lawsuits against the company. The most recent was filed by the parents of a college student named Alex Kearns, who committed suicide after Robinhood sent collection notices, instructing the 20-year old to pay a sum of money he owed after incurring trading losses of more than $730,000.

Clients have been trying to close their account, as the company had recently paid $65 million as civil penalty to the SEC. It was settlement for allegations of unfair trading practices, including that of not giving customers the best options for trade executions.

Most complaints have also become the subject of accusations that the company was more inclined to protect the interest of Wall Street short sellers. To prevent the prices of certain stocks from shooting up, which was against the grain of short selling techniques, Robinhood limits buying activities on some stocks.

The GameStop trading scandal however, was beyond fintech company’s control despite suspending the buying activities for the game retailer’s shares. The people behind the rally to buy the non-performing stock were a group of stock investors who discussed trading strategies at Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets forum.

One Customer Was Able to Withdraw His Money After a CNBC Interview

Rayz Rayl who said he has been using Robinhood’s free trading app for seven years, but since things have been taking a different turn, he wanted to close his account. However, he has been locked out of his account for 10 days, while not receiving any response from customer support.

Rayl told CNBC that he travelled 2,400 miles, from his home in Sellersburg, Indiana just so he could withdraw the remaining $3k in his account; needing the money to pay for his family’s daily living expenses.

After requesting the Robinhood office to comment on the interview, Rayl received notification from Robinhood’s customer service, informing him that he can now a access his account.

Debt Collecting – When To Hire A Professional Debt Collection Agency

It is unescapable for a few clients or customers to have some trouble in promptly paying their debts. This has turn out to be a common set-up particularly when the economy isn’t doing well. No matter which industry your company or business belongs to, unpaid dues or bad debt are inevitable. But, these kinds of debts can hinder the progress of the business since it considerably limits the cash flow.

Regardless the size of the business or company, it can suffer at some certain point because of unpaid or bad debts. While big businesses can most likely handle debt collecting, small-scale businesses rely on the repayments of debts so as to survive in the industry and market. In extreme instances mediocre debt collection process can bring about the downfall of the business because of the lack or the absence of cash flow especially when needed in critical phases of the business operation.

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Debt Collection Agency

Agencies that specialize in debt collecting, such as Frontline Collections, play a very crucial part in the process of debt collection. With a reliable debt collection agency, this can save you time, resources, preserve a positive rapport with customers or clients with unpaid accounts, and above all ensure the continued existence of your business by decreasing the risk of bad and unpaid debts.

While there are several ways to collect overdue debts from problematic customers, there will be situations wherein you may need the expertise of a professional debt collection firm. So, how will you know when to seek the assistance of debt collection experts? Here are a few:

Inadequate Internal Resources

For small businesses or companies with only a few workforces, coming with enough resource to go after unpaid debts without disregarding the other essentials in the account ledger can be difficult. Often, with limited employees, the individual assigned to do the task may not have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully retrieve the payments. If this is the case, consider hiring a reliable debt collecting firm as they have the know-hows to do the job right.

Internal Collection Initiatives Are Futile

When all of your internal collection initiatives are futile and fruitless, it is high time that you hire an expert to help you retrieve these unpaid invoices. If not, it would be much more difficult for you to recover them if left unchecked and not followed up. A reliable debt collection company with an excellent debt recovery rate, you will be certain that they have an established and effective debt collection practices and strategies to bring you satisfactory results.

Client Disputes the Unpaid Invoice

If your clients or customers refuse to take accountability for the debt or perhaps are making an attempt to evade payments, hiring an expert can be very helpful. A debt collector will serve as a mediator to have a better knowledge and understanding of your clients’ or customers’ reasons for delaying or refusing payment, as well as take into consideration your T&C sale to evaluate the feasibility of their complaint or claim. With the help of the debt collector, a solution can be made that will benefit all parties as well as resolve disputes to recover payments.

Making the Most Of a Personal Injury Claim; But Will the Amount be Deemed Reasonable?

Recovering costs incurred on personal injuries suffered from a car crash could be as simple as getting paid by the insurance provider of the driver at fault. If the car collision resulted to more than just bodily injuries and damage to property, the aggrieved party has the right to claim more than just the medical expenses and cost of repairs, but also for the resulting “pain and suffering”

However, claims for costs of “pain and suffering.” is a subjective matter, which most third party insurance companies will not readily agree to when they deem the amount unreasonable based on their calculation, If the injured party remains steadfast with his claim, and his lawyer gives advice that the matter is worth bringing to court, a lawsuit may be filed in order to enforce payment.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit as an Effective Method of Demanding Payment of Claim

Filing a personal injury lawsuit involves incurrence of litigation fees and other related costs borne by both parties. Yet it is also deemed as effective in forcing the insurance company to offer a settlement amount considered as reasonable by the complainant. Still, filing a lawsuit does not always work in favor of the party claiming settlement as the third party insurance firm may also consider the claim for compensation as worth challenging in court.

If so, both parties will be burdened with hefty litigation costs, as trial proceedings often take time before a court ruling can be obtained. Oftentimes, claims for compensation other than for medical expenses and damage to property will be examined closely to determine if the amount being claimed as settlement is reasonable or not.

Aside from Medical Expenses and Value of Property Damaged, What Other Personal Injury Costs Can be Claimed ? 

When a personal injury claim is brought to court, the injured party or plaintiff will be under advise by his attorney to include other claims on top of the medical expenses and value of the damaged property.

Personal injury claims may include values for lost income as well as for ”pain and suffering.” Depending on the seriousness of the bodily injuries sustained and/or the recovery period, claims for permanent disability or permanent disfigurement, combined with resulting emotional suffering can also be included in determining the amount of personal injury claim.

Quantifying those components into amounts is often the bone of contention. The traditional methods of calculating claims are by multiplying the value of medical expenses incurred plus the lost income; or by determining a per day value of personal injury loss based on medical bills and lost income.

The multiplier can be the conventional 3-year factor, or the number of days by which the plaintiff is expected to live without income. In such cases, younger but seriously injured plaintiffs can demand higher settlement as they had the potential to earn income for a longer number of years, were it not for the car crash injury.

Nowadays, insurance companies use complex software programs in determining the values by analyzing the seriousness of all factors surrounding the personal injuries. The value arrived at will then serve as the benchmark on what to offer as settlement. However, when a lawsuit is filed, the potential litigation costs will be acknowledged as a determining factor. Yet if the plaintiff will also be burdened by litigation costs, the insurance company will hold out until the plaintiff caves in into accepting a lower settlement offer.

Still, as there are now pre settlement lawsuit financing entities, plaintiffs claiming for personal injury compensation who have great potential of winning their case, simply seek for a lawsuit loan from among the best companies doing business in their region

Judi Bola – Getting Into Sports Betting And Online Betting

Soccer enthusiasts show support to their favorite team and/or player not only by watching every match they have and buying merchandise that carry the names of their much-loved team or player, but also by engaging in sports betting to place their wagers on them. They enjoy the game while at the same time get a chance to win some cash.

Many individuals wager on various types of gaming and sporting events, and for those who would want to wager on soccer, doing so has become much convenient and easier with the Indonesian judi bola. While there are a lot of online sports betting websites that provide a lot of odds and options for soccer betting, bettors need to be certain they are on a secure and safe website.

Vital Considerations

Online sports betting, which includes soccer betting, has become widespread in many nations across the globe. There are a lot of perks when engaging in online sports betting. However, keep in mind that money is involved. Regardless of the amount of wager you place, that is still money and you want to ensure you place your money on a gambling website that is trusted. Although judi bola and other credible sites provide this, there are vital considerations to take note of to make sure you make the most of your online sports betting experience. Below are some:

  • 24/7 reliable customer service
  • Wide variety of odds and gaming options
  • Diverse transaction methods
  • Bonuses and rewards

Benefits of Choosing a Trusted Gambling Website

Sports betting and online gambling in general are undoubtedly entertaining and exciting, however they could be risky when you aren’t careful. Therefore, always choose a gambling website wisely so you could reap the many benefits it offers. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits when you do so.

  • Get Value For Your Money. To simply explain, the fact that you don’t need to spend on transportation just to get to a land-based casino to play or any physical gambling establishment to place your bets on a certain sporting event, you already get value for your money since you could do all of these by simply using your smartphone or computer.
  • Get Worldwide Access. When playing at an online casino, you get to play and compete with other players across the globe in games like live poker. On the other hand, in terms of sports betting, you also get to take part in other gambling market such as the Asian sports betting market through judi bola.
  • Get To Enjoy Free Games. Another benefit that players enjoy when engaging in betting at a credible and trusted gambling website is the free games they offer. A lot of online gambling sites do offer free games or free versions of some games to give its members and potentially new members a chance to try them out as well as to learn and understand the game better.


Amazon Launches Pharmacy Built Around PillPack’s Pharmacy OS

Amazon recently announced that Amazon Pharmacy is currently available in the U.S. except in the states of Hawaii, Minnesota, Kentucky, Louisiana and Illinois.

The pharmacy services offered were built around PillPack’s software, enabling Amazon Pharmacy to act as a prescription fulfillment center, in accordance with the health plans and health care insurance of consumers. Even more noteworthy is Amazon’s assurance that those without insurance can avail of Amazon’s Pharmacy services at discounted prices.

How PillPack’s Software Works

PillPack originated as an online pharmacy that used to rely on third-party software. However, as the demand increased for the fulfillment of medical prescriptions and delivery, the company decided to build its own software.

PillPack’s proprietary Pharmacy OS enabled the online pharmacy to simultaneously keep track of numerous medications; whilst saving time in delivering individual medications prescribed for patients; particularly those who have multiple medical prescriptions. Through Pharmacy OS, doctors can send individual prescriptions to Amazon Pharmacy in behalf of patients instead of writing each one out manually.

All medications will then be sent to patients in individual dispenser type of packaging, indicating the medical prescriptions on how and when the medicines will be taken.

In 2018, Amazon acquired PillPack including its Pharmacy OS software as part of fulfilling plans of entering the pharmacy space when the matter was first internally discussed in 2017. Now that the Amazon Pharmacy is available, the online store is on an equal footing with other well-known pharmaceutical retailers like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.

What Amazon Pharmacy Offers

Amazon Pharmacy gives customers the option of receiving their prescription medications either by mail or by direct delivery right on their doorstep. The medications available are confined to both branded and generic drugs including frequently prescribed medications like metformin, sumatriptan, and insulin. Customers can also order birth control pills. However, Amazon Pharmacy does not dispense opioids and controlled medications classified as Schedule II drugs.

When looking to buy vitamins and supplements, customers can order these items from the Health & Personal Care section of the Amazon online store. .

The Amazon Pharmacy is also capable of accepting insurance, health savings account and other types of flexible spending accounts. This aspect allows simplification of communication between doctors, patients, healthcare providers and even insurers as it will make monitoring of insurance claims much easier.

The pharmacy service is available to customers who are over18 years old, who will be asked to furnish important information such as birthdate, gender, and other related info required by law as a means for pharmacists to authenticate prescriptions..

While seen as a useful tool during this period of health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon Pharmacy will still continue providing this service even after the pandemic has been eradicated; giving the American people a new and more convenient method of buying and receiving their prescription medications

Behavioral Changes Among Online Casino Customers Due to Economic Crisis

While the online gambling industry remained steadfast during the initial surge of COVID-19, slow economic recovery followed, even when lockdowns were lifted. As a result, regular online casino customers are showing certain changes in gaming behavior. After all, they need to be frugal when gambling amidst the uncertainties posed by the global economic crisis. .

The changes in customer behavior are rippling theoughoutn the online gambling industry since not a few online casino operators are starting to feel the pinch of low customer engagements. Yet as operators of real money online gaming sites, they must be responsive by making adjustments when it comes to addressing concerns, particularly when processing requests for withdrawal of winnings.

That way, they can stay true to their promise of providing rewarding experiences instead of adding to the financial worries of patrons. Other gamblers will seek online gambling entertainment as a form of relief for anxieties, and the first thing they will make sure of is the trustworthiness of a virtual gambling site.

Why Most Gamblers in Southeast Asia Still Engage in Online Gambling Despite Prohibitions

Although gambling in Asian countries like Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia is not recognized as legal, gambling in online casinos remains a popular pastime. Mainly because their favorite online casinos and betting sites are taking steps to make sure their patrons are playing in a safe and secure environment.

918Kiss: An Example of a Safe and Secure Asian Online Casino

918Kiss online casino for one, offers its betting products and services only by way of mobile gambling. Doing so will keep the betting transactions private and hidden from prying eyes.

Its mobile gambling technology uses Virtual Private Network or VPN, instead of using the platforms of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That being the case, all mobile gambling activities and transactions transpiring between the online casino and the mobile casino gambler will become unreadable to ISPs, government agencies, law enforcers and even hackers.

On-the-Spot Mobile Casino App Download

When opening an account with 918kiss online casino, a registering customer has to carry out the entire processes through the website of a trusted 918Kiss agent or affiliate. Starting with the mobile application download, the agent’s website provides the APK (Android) or iOS-ASP files that will enable registering customers, to successfully download the 918Kiss mobile app right on the spot.

Privacy of Communication via Whatsapp or Telegram App

Once the mobile app gets installed in the device, the onboarding process takes place with the help of a 918Kiss support staff. Communication between the assisting staff and the registering customer will be coursed through another app, either the Telegram or Whatsapp. This is another security feature to ensure that any exchange of messages between the two are kept private using proprietary encryptions.

Compliance with Identity Verification Procedure

As in any regulated online gambling site, the support staff will verify the identity of the registering individual. If no problem is encountered, the 918kiss staff will proceed with the onboarding process by helping the customer make the initial deposit. Once completed, the support staff will provide the new customer with a password to use when accessing his or her 918Kiss online casino account and the broad selection of games listed in the dropdown menu.

24/7 Assistance in Processing Deposit or Request for Withdrawal

When withdrawing funds or placing additional deposits, 918kiss customers will follow the same procedure of communicating with a support staff, either by way of Whatsapp or Telegram. One will always be available to provide assistance 24/7 at an agent’s website, and address any concerns, including facilitating of deposit or immediate processing of withdrawal requests

How professional corporate financing works

The forms of corporate financing can be differentiated according to the origin of the capital and the legal status of the investor. Depending on the origin of the money, they are further divided into internal and external financing.

Financing according to the origin of the capital

Where does the money come from? The central question is how to differentiate between internal and external financing. These two types of financing can still be divided into equity and debt financing, depending on the type of capital that flows into the company.

Internal financing – from your own resources

The funds for financing the company from within are generated from their own resources, for example, the profit made. Traders can use this for new investments. Another form of internal or endogenous financing is redeployment. In doing so, they sell machines and office equipment that are no longer needed. This type of fundraising is particularly useful for restructuring. Internal financing also includes raising funds through depreciation and provisions. It can also include investing in forex trading sites.

External financing – with the help of external donors

With exogenous or external financing, the company receives money from outside. Often the capital injection takes the form of credits and loans. Leasing and factoring are also part of the external inflow of funds.

Another possibility is the provision of additional capital by the founders or the shareholders. You add money to the company from your private assets and thus increase the deposits made by you as a trader.

Financing according to the legal status of the investor

Depending on whether the money is available to the company as equity or not, a distinction is made between the two types of equity and debt financing.

Self-financing – participation in the company

Self-financing is also called equity financing or deposit financing. If money is added to the company that is transferred to the company’s equity, it is referred to as self-financing. A corresponding inflow of funds can be made against the issue of shares. The money brought in is then available to the company in the long term. The equity ratio of trading provides information about how high the share of equity is.

Forms of financing: external vs. internal financing

When a company needs fresh money, there are a seemingly endless number of types of funding available to them.

Why is funding so important?

Companies need fresh money on a regular basis.

The most common reasons for funding are:

  • Initial investments in order to be able to start a company in the first place
  • Cover costs for product development
  • Financial bridging of the time between delivery of goods and payment
  • Investments to expand the company or individual business areas
  • Whenever a company wants to develop further, it needs money.

Internal and external finance: where does the money come from?

The first way to differentiate between the various forms of financing is based on the origin of the money: Where does the money for the financing come from?

Internal financing: money from your own company

With classic internal financing, the money comes from your own business activities. So no outside help is needed to raise the necessary sums.

The most important and simplest example of internal financing is profit. If the business is successful, the company can make a profit from it. This money can then be used to finance various measures, such as investments in further training for employees or to expand production. Some businessmen won in online gambling platforms such as bandarqq and used the money to start a business.

External finance: money from external sources

With external financing, the capital does not come from the company itself but is brought in from outside. There are various ways of obtaining external financing.

The simplest case in practice is to increase the deposits. The shareholders make additional money available from their private assets. The concrete implementation is relatively simple. However, it must be remembered that the shareholders generally only have limited capital. This form of external financing is not particularly suitable for larger sums.

This problem can be solved by adding new shareholders to the company. They invest their money in the company and receive company shares in return. This method is often used in young companies, for example, as the chances of getting a classic loan shortly after the establishment are often very low.

Trump Issues Exec Order Banning WeChat and TikTok Effective Sept. 20

Trump ends the debate on whether WeChat is a safe mobile app or not, by issuing an executive order that bans the app along with Tik Tok. Despite allegations that both social media apps are spywares, the use of WeChat in North America has spread widely not only among Asian-Americans.

While many smartphone users in North America find it convenient to use WeChat, Trump’s executive order also prohibits Americans from using it. The China-developed app is quite popular because the software not only provides messaging and social media services. It also enables app-users to make electronic payments in business establishments supported by the WeChat payment processing technology. .

The ban is set to take effect on September 20,2020; taking away an efficient cashless method of paying for goods and services amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Why Trump Disapproves WeChat?

Apparently Trump’s strong disapproval (and fear?) of WeChat stems from a test report released by The Guardian Project in 2013. The group comprised privacy software developers who discovered that chat data coming from Indian smartphone users had a way of flowing back to Shanghai. That is considering that the Indian government is currently entangled with border conflicts with China’s Communist government. The U.S. on thenother hand, has an unresolved trade war with China.

According to the The Guardian Project report, the WeChat app’s terms of service do not give assurance that chat messages will not be accessed by China-based servers. The Chief Technologist of the Canter for Democracy and Technology, Joseph Lorenzo, said the limitation that bars Chinese servers from accessing WeChat messages is only based on the company’s word, which is not legally binding. Mainly because the assurance does not form part of the legal agreement between Tencent, the company that owns WeChat and the app users.

According to Nathan Freitas, Head of the Guardian Project, inasmuch as the app has the ability to obtain data stored in users’ smartphones (e.g. photos, videos, location data), it can be considered a spyware; especially if the app user is not aware of such technological capabilities.

Still, Freitas remarked that when looking at both sides and in a less paranoid perspective, it is also easy for the U.S. government to spy on Chinese nationals using Facebook, Gmail, and similar other U.S. developed apps, including iPhone’s iMessage.

What Tencent Says in Defense of WeChat

The privacy vulnerability of American users in using WeChat as a social media app is hardly a cause for concern since WeChat is in several ways similar to Facebook. Yet different because it does not engage in selling customer information to advertisers the way Facebook does.

Tencent officials assert that the app earned a TRUSTe certification for passing the tests for maintaining users’ privacy, and has made record for being the first messaging app to have earned such recognition.

How Exchange Rates Affect Companies

To have a better understanding of how exchange rates affect companies, it is primarily important to understand the factors that affect currency value. While there are many factors that cause currency fluctuations, interest rates, and economic growth are two of the main reasons.

What Influences Exchange Rates?

  • Interest rates. Currencies are directly affected by interest rates. The higher the national interest rate, the stronger the local currency. Higher interest rates naturally attract foreign investments, which leads to growing demand and an increase in the value of the local currency. High-interest rates promote the flow of money into a country and strengthen the currency value.
  • Economic growth. A strong economy is always the backbone of a strong currency. In a country that is blessed with strong and steady economic growth, the central bank usually raises interest rates to cope with inflation because higher interest rates affect the local currency.

With these main factors in mind, you will have a better understanding of how exchange rates can affect your business. Below are some areas on which your business could be affected.

How Changes in Exchange Rates Impact Business

  • Balance sheet. The effects of exchange rates can be serious for corporate finance directors. Loans, assets, and liabilities all have to speak the same financial language, while the moodiness of exchange rates is an additional hurdle. Financial reports are carefully checked and, at the same time, represent an essential building block for any company that wants to be taken seriously.
  • International trade. This scenario shows most clearly to what extent exchange rate fluctuations can have a major impact on companies. The export of goods overseas means that the cost of manufacturing the goods is calculated in a different currency than the one in which they are sold. If two currencies are in the supply chain, your company could make big profits, but it could also make big losses.
  • Fuel Costs. Everyone is affected by fuel costs, but they are not just relevant to your household budget. If a country imports fuel from abroad, a change in the market exchange rate can adversely affect the entire economy and, as a result, affect domestic companies. The devaluation of a national currency goes hand in hand with an increase in transport costs, which means that the transport of goods is directly affected.
  • Tourism. Although currency devaluation is generally seen as a bad sign of a country’s economy, companies can benefit indirectly from it. Tourism is a prime example of how currency devaluation affects companies. Countries like Greece, Cyprus, and Spain concentrate a significant part of their respective economies on tourism. As soon as their currencies are devalued, they immediately become a popular destination for travelers, tourists get more for their money. If you change your money into the local currency, you can afford first-class accommodation, food, and general leisure activities.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. Companies are assets. Like every asset, they have their price. In times when the local currency is devalued, companies are devalued and thus become optimal candidates for mergers or acquisitions.


As a final thought, the fluctuation in the exchange rate directly impacts many companies both locally and abroad. It is also, in this context does Forex trading works. You can get more information about the Forex market and Forex trading from a good broker like the Pepperstone. Want to know more about them? Read the Pepperstone review from WeCompareBrokers.

What You should be Doing before Launching Your Business?

Opening and running a business is indeed difficult. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, business is business. But at the end of the day, there is no doubt that you are going to make mistakes as you go through of its management. It is completely fine actually. That being said, with all the experience that other entrepreneurs and businesses have under their belt, among the beneficial moves you may do for your business is by learning from their mistakes.

Through this, after getting your lån uten kredittsjekk, you know that you can make the most out of it and avoid mistakes from shaping. What can you do then, if you may ask? If such a case, read the next points below:

Failing to Plan

There’s an old adage saying that, “when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Among the typical business mistakes that startups are making is not having a concrete plan for their business. Without one to give direction to guide your business and growth, you will be struggling to make decisions, acquire loans or even attract new investors on board.

What you can do here is to familiarize yourself with tools that can assist you in writing a business plan.

Being Lazy to do Market Research

There are entrepreneurs who are starting a business who based everything on a survey of their family and friends and believing that it is a great idea. It’s a good thing that there’s somebody who believes you. Though these people will not be enough in sustaining your startup and survive. Not having well-defined and targeted market, your business is going to struggle to compete. With this said, you should not be making this very common mistake.

So rather than conducting in-depth market research in pinpointing your audience as narrow as possible, it is recommended to utilize secondary sources similar to census data as well as primary sources like holding a focus group or surveying your prospective customers to do your research and gather valuable information that you can.

Picking the Wrong Type of Business

Do you have a C corporation or a sole proprietorship business by default simply because this was the standard way of doing it? Making quick decisions in forming your business may make you susceptible to legal ramifications, making it difficult to raise a capital or even entangle you and your business in a red tape. So right before you launch your business, talk your goals and plans with an accountant and lawyer as they can help in assessing your situation and also, your plans in the future.

UK Fintech Volunteers : “Save My Local” Project

Concerned that many small businesses in the UK won’t be able to stay afloat due to the coronavirus crisis, UK fintechs launched the Save My Local Project.

Fintechs revolutionised the financing industry by developing tools that allow them to act as financial services firms. Doing so, has made financial products and services easily accessible to consumers and to small-to-medium scale (SME) enterprises.

Although fintech companies involved with providing funds to SMEs are themselves experiencing disruptions in their operations, some fintech players recognised the fact that SMEs, now more than ever, need business funds. Mainly because none, or less have flowed in since the UK government ordered a nationwide lockdown and stay-at-home mandate. As a result many small businesses are at risk of losing the capability to operate their business once the health crisis is over.

While help may come by way of financial assistance provided by the UK government, there are concerns that financial relief would take long to arrive; or may not suffice to keep operators afloat in the midst of the health crisis,

In light of such concerns, more than 20 fintech innovators came together to volunteer their assistance in developing a plan, and tools aimed at helping SMEs raise funds.

What is the Save My Local Scheme?

The Save My Local scheme was designed and built by a group of over 20 fintech innovators who responded to calls sent out by the fintech community. The objective was to build a website equipped with tools that will enable small businesses to generate additional business funds during the ongoing pandemic.

In less than a week, the group came out with a Save My Local website in which small business owners in the UK, in need of supplementary cash to use as working capital, had enlisted. After which, they were able to access tools to use in raising funds.

The fund-raising scheme allows small business owners to sell vouchers to their loyal customers. Selling and buying of vouchers take place at the savemylocal.org website, which ensures that customers are purchasing vouchers for the account of the business, while under a secure environment and for the purpose that such vouchers are intended.

The vouchers are redeemable by way of future purchases, serving as prepayments held in trust for customer accounts by the small business seller or service provider.

How To Gain Protection In Times Of Economic Crisis

An economic crisis has an impact on everyone’s future: insolvency, unemployment, social misery, and political unrest. History teaches that negative economic growth is not the exception, so it can never be ruled out. In these times crisis, even financial institutions like https://looselending.com/ would be tight on releasing loans not unless mandated by governing bodies.

How To Protect Yourself From An Economic Crash

Precaution: Spread the risk

If you want to protect assets from the effects of a crisis, there is only one answer: spreading risk across different asset classes. That means invest small or large portions of your investment in other areas like real estate, stocks, gold. This asset allocation, i.e. the diversification of investments across different asset classes, is called asset allocation. Risks can be eliminated through the greatest possible diversification.

Spreading risks sensibly even on a small budget

You don’t have to be rich for that. You can even invest with only 1,000 euros. You can take half of the 1,000 euros to the bank and buy them from the remaining 500 euros in investment funds. You can then, for example, put 400 euros in equity funds and 100 euros in a real estate fund.

The consumer advocate recommends that investors wishing to invest in shares buy equity funds that invest worldwide. Index funds are the first choice because they are particularly inexpensive. So you can invest in the approximately 1,700 companies of an MSCI World Index worldwide with just 50 euros at one go. The MSCI World is a stock index that reflects the performance of stocks in 23 industrialized countries worldwide.

The advantage of diversification is that the values ​​of the investments never all move in the same direction, i.e. rise or fall at the same time. If the stock markets prosper because the economy is secure and stability increases, the price of gold tends to fall. We have had this in recent years – before it was the other way around.

Equity diversification through index funds

Risk is spread through simultaneous investment in interest papers, real estate, gold, and shares. However, you can and should spread the risk within shares again and not just buy one share, but invest in hundreds or thousands of shares via index funds.

Is gold always worth gold?

Various asset classes continuously generate income: In the case of real estate, this is renting, in the case of shares, the dividends, i.e. the profits. However, gold does not generate any returns. Historically, the precious metal is a means of payment for this, a globally recognized currency that no country can easily abolish – while paper money can be declared worthless.

Gold will not become worthless. The gold price history is strongly related to crises: if there is political unrest or unstable financial markets, the gold price tends to rise while other values ​​such as stock prices fall. So if you invest in gold at the same time, you have a stabilizing component – that’s diversification.

Security, Risk, And Profitability

When investing money, you have the choice between security and risk but more profitable products. A safe product, such as interest papers or time deposits, currently offers no or only a very low return. Shares, on the other hand, are less secure because of the ups and downs on the stock exchange, but they also shed more – but only in most cases, not always: If you bet everything on one share and it goes wrong, you have lost all your money.

If you go widely into the stock market, it cannot happen. There is no scenario in which all stock corporations worldwide lose value and fall to zero.

Consumer goods are not suitable investments

Paintings, expensive watches, vintage cars, consumer goods are not suitable as an investment. Commodities would only help secure assets if you assumed they were worth more at the time of sale than they are now – but in a crisis, people tend to have less money than before, and tend to spend less than normal. In addition, consumer goods can break – then you have none of them.

Real estate is riskier than real estate funds

Many people want to fulfill their dream of owning a home and see it as good protection against crises, especially when interest rates are low. The rented or saved rent of a property represents a return like an investment. In addition, having your own home means more quality of life if you live in it yourself.

Nevertheless, such a direct investment is significantly riskier than a real estate fund that invests in several properties, the expert points out. Historically, real estate is not particularly attractive as an investment. The advantages and disadvantages of such a weighty investment must therefore always be weighed up in individual cases.

Grandma’s savings stocking makes sense today

What about the good old piggy bank or the emergency nail under your pillow? The expert does not consider Grandma’s tricks absurd. This type of savings brings zero interest, but the money is available at all times.

Many bank customers still prefer cash

Old-fashioned ways of securing wealth can also make sense for retirees: Anyone who has received the money from life insurance and does not want to invest it in the long term is well advised to use a savings book to prepare for a need such as dentures or the cost of a nursing home at short notice to be.

Small Businesses In The U.S. Feel The Impact Of The Corona Spread

Many small businesses in the United States are feeling the effects of the coronavirus. The particular impact of the virus falls on businesses owned by Asians. It’s apparent that along with the virus spreads false information. Large businesses and merchants like Nike and Apple made headlines throughout the coronavirus sudden occurrence because investors desperately await reports on the impact of the virus on the company’s sales. The notion of social distancing is absolutely taking hold. Some shops lost approximately 40% of earnings, while some lost close to 70%. The circumstance for businesses in Chinatown is indeed so serious that many are struggling to make rental payments this month.

Senate reviews the impact of coronavirus on small businesses

The scenario in the United States holds true in Canada and in many other nations around the world. Small businesses are suffering too as a result of market panic. Investors are pulling out and the financial market is dwindling regardless of the investors hold on the best Canadian stocks that may have been doing well and suddenly made it’s way down the ladder. Leaders are hoping to resolve this situation in urgency so as to recover from market losses.

In New York, In answer to the distressed scenario, People in the congress released a bill immediately to support small businesses proprietors across the nation enduring economic damage as a result of coronavirus. The newly released bill, referred to as Small Business Relief from Communicable Disease Induced Economic Hardship Act, will allow entrepreneurs to gain access to Economic Injury Disaster Loans of about $2 million to cope with business expenditures.

Many of Asian-owned businesses and organizations in New York are already experiencing a drop in sales as a result of false information, apprehension and stigma linked to the virus. The real cure for this predicament is heavily dependent on the public and thus the local government is calling for public support, to urge people to resume life.

No standard regulations have been produced for small business owners to be able to guard themselves from the spreading virus, however the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came forward to make clear that “being an Asian or Chinese or a mix of Asian-American is not going to raise the possibility of obtaining or spreading the virus COVID-19.”

The whole world is suffering and the only solution is for people to have proper understanding of what this virus is. Finding a cure to this epidemic is a priority of leaders throughout the world. The people should do their part to stay away from the virus as much as possible by following protective measures and reduce worry and panic from spreading.

Why Trump’s Signing of Phase One Trade Deal with China is No Big Deal

Donald Trump is claiming that the Phase One of the trade deal he recently signed with China will greatly improve the U.S. economy. Economic experts though, doubt that the deal can bring significant changes from where the country was, before the 18-month trade conflict with China started.


The U.S.-China Trade Deficit Still Remains as an Economic Trade Issue

Although China has agreed to increase its purchases of U.S goods to as much as $200 billion in the next two years, the increase has little impact in putting to rest the the trade imbalance issue between China and the U.S.

Much of the trade deficit still exist, since the total U.S. products that will be sold to China stands to increase by only $15 billion (coming from $185 billion reported in 2017.) Whereas China still remains as the biggest supplier of retail goods, raw materials and other products to the U.S. that totaled to as much as $539.5 billion in 2018.

This means that despite the signing of the Phase One Deal, the main bone of contention in the U.S-China Trade disagreement still largely exists by over $300 billion in trade deficit. Simply stated, since the U.S. buys more from China than the latter does from the U.S., China still stands to gain more income in overall US-China trade deals.

On top of that, China has agreed to exclude certain U.S. goods impacted by the first-set of counter tariffs imposed on American goods imported by Chinese businessmen. Although the exclusions will encourage further importation of goods coming from the U.S., the tariff exclusion will be reduce costs on the part of Chinese businessmen and subsequently on Chinese consumers.

Trump Still Unclear on How Tariffs Work

However, Trump still thinks that the tariffs imposed on China are costs still being shouldered by Chinese businessmen, since he only reduced U.S. tariffs on about $120 billion worth of Chinese goods by half; from the original 15% down to 7.5%. This denotes that the 25% tariff imposed on the $250 billion worth of Chinese products imported by U.S. businesses is still very much a cost to contend with by American importers. .

Apparently, Trump still does not understand how tariffs work, as he still asserts that the burden to pay such tariffs still rests on Chinese businessmen.

He still cannot get the point that the additional cost of duty taxes that U.S. importers pay in purchasing Chinese products are  paid before they can bring take the goods out of U.S. Customs. The duties paid will be factored in as part of the cost of goods, which in turn, partly determines the retail price paid by consumers.

Overcoming the First Year for Startups

It doesn’t matter if you are operating in the automotive, energy, food or education industry, there is a big chance that your startup business would encounter critical issues much like with other fledging companies. There’s no denying to the fact that the initial year of a business is the most critical and difficult. There are simply tons of challenges that have to be conquered. But it is these challenges that will keep our business stronger and firmer.

Though, things are different when you are trading and using MT4 indicators. You may be see this as a source of fund to fuel your business but things are totally different because aside from being on top of what is happening, you have to make thorough analysis of where the market would go. By market, we mean global level not just on a specific niche.

Now, if you would be putting up a business, here are the common problems that it would likely face and practical advice on how you could overcome them.

Stick to Your Vision and Mission

Tactics and strategies are going to change for sure but, your main mission could serve as the driving force behind what you’re trying to achieve. For many companies, everything done, ought to be mission-oriented. After all, it is your mission that is cementing the long-term objectives of your business. This helps in improving what can still be improved and pinpointing weak spots.

If you stray away from your company’s core, then you are risking to let go of opportunities that would come your way and fail to build a unified, cohesive and above all, meaningful series of services and products.

Establish Healthy Company Culture

As much as possible, make an effort to establish the ideal business culture at the early stage of your business. This culture will start with permeates and organization leaders which will then be passed down to the rest of the team. Corporate culture is important for this is setting the tone for what attitudes and behaviors are appropriate and what’s not.

Simply speaking, it will serve as your guidance on approaching operational problems and lastly, has a huge impact on the company’s capability to retain, recruit and also, develop staffs.

Try to think of it this way, would you like your company to be filled with people who are working hard, problem solvers and analytical and doing it on their own or, would you like a company in which it feels like it’s everyone’s game? Clearly, there’s more unity and teamwork in the former and that is the path you want to go with your culture.

Play it Safe when Trading Bitcoins with Crypto Trading Bots

Making use of Bitcoin trading bot as a business is possible but most are using it for trading. There are more and more people who started venturing into and were successful in making big returns on their investments. Majority of these traders were using Bitcoin robots in an effort to drive in big profits. Bitcoin bots are basically software that is interacting directly with the financial exchanges. Aside from that, these robots are monitoring the movement of market price and placing buy and sell orders on behalf of the trader after collecting valuable data.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of benefits for using Bitcoin trading bot. Feeling skeptical, then keep on reading…

Trade on a Safe Zone

Of course, there are risks associated in virtually everything and crypto trading is not an exception. It is vital to have the knowledge to trade properly and come up with informed decisions. With a Bitcoin robot though, it will be keeping you informed from losing investments uncontrollably.

With the availability of Bitcoin robot coupled with options for flexible trading like a free demo account, it can help you in building your confidence and trading experience. Bitcoin robots are supporting licensed brokers and have great standing where you’re sure that your funds are safe. Thus, you’re operating from safe zone when trading with Bitcoin robot.

Configure Your Trading Preferences

Bitcoins that are properly coded can provide remarkable opportunities in choosing your trading assets at any given time.

These robots are offering advanced trade configurations to make trading a lot simpler. With the robot, you will be able to set probabilities among trading signals and this would help you in getting a more accurate trading data, which is pretty helpful when making trades.

Now, if ever you mess up with settings, it is easy to restore them to default or you may contact customer service to assist you.

Tracking Price Fluctuation

If there’s something that you have to know about Bitcoin, it’s the fact that it has huge variations on price for every trading day. Dependable Bitcoin robots are capable of gathering these price fluctuations and use them to make big profits from investments made.

Robots are actually way better in trading Bitcoins than humans because they’re not attached to any emotions. The capability of a Bitcoin robot to make use of complex trading algorithms in tracking these fluctuations and making best trade decisions puts you in better position in driving bigger profits.

How To Get Your Loan Approved

One of the factors that affect a person’s loan application being rejected by a bank or other financial institution is a bad credit score. Before giving out a loan, financial institutions (such as banks or finance companies) explore the risk profile of the prospective debtor. One of them is through credit scores.

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a measure of a person’s creditworthiness, in the form of numerical figures that are calculated algorithmically based on information contained in credit reports. This score will be a reference to determine whether the loan application is feasible to be approved or rejected.

Credit scores generally range from 250 to 900. The higher a person’s credit score, the lower the person’s risk level. That is, the person has the ability to pay their obligations, and vice versa. A good credit score means you have gained the trust of financial institutions.

Here are tips for improving credit scores to make it easier to get loans quoted from various sources:

1. Take advantage of credit cards

If you want to have a good credit history, the first thing to do is to have a credit transaction first. One can start building a credit history from the simplest way, which is to apply for a credit card.

However, you must use your credit card wisely as needed and make payments on time so that the credit score is maintained.

With credit data and credit payments consistently through the use of credit cards, a person’s credit score can also be calculated so that a person’s risk profile can begin to build.

2. Limit loans to no more than 30 percent of total monthly income

Credit scores have the potential to be low, if the total loan reaches 30 percent or more of the total income. Creditors will think of you as a potential debtor who is at risk of experiencing bad credit and is less responsible.

Therefore, you should first complete an installment or loan before applying for a new loan. This is to show that you are a responsible and trustworthy person.

3. Pay bills on time

The smooth and commitment of paying bills on time is the key to improving credit scores. Paying late will have a negative impact on your credit score.

So you don’t forget to pay your bills on time, you can use the automatic payment feature or use a calendar reminder.

4. Save unused credit cards

According to Experian, a global consumer credit rating company, keeping unused credit cards active, as long as it doesn’t burden you with annual fees is a smart strategy to maintain credit scores.

This is because closing a credit card account can increase your credit usage ratio. Having the same amount but having fewer active accounts can reduce your credit score.

Keeping a good credit history by maintaining a good credit standing is the very first thing you should know if you want to get a loan in the future, regardless if it is for personal expense or for starting a business.

Need financial help due to car accident?

If you are facing a legal case due to car accidents, and if you need urgent financial help, you may consider talking to your lawyer or any legal officer to help you take out a car accident cash advance. This type of funding is specially designed to help people facing legal issues and expecting settlement in the future.

This type of funding doesn’t look into the plaintiff’s credit score and thus you don’t have to worry if you have bad credit because this type of loan are in fact cash advances and issued to you based on your pending legal case.

Why Do You Need to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Basically, there are too many ways to earn money using the world wide web. Three of the most popular online money earning programs are the blog writing, cryptocurrencies, and affiliate marketing. Among the three, affiliate marketing is the one that really rocks. And, there are numbers of artistic and technical people that love this kind of business. Why, because people engaging in this kind of business tend to live with ease, work during their intended hours, and work at the comfort of their home.

Affiliate marketing is an online business that is rewarding to an individual or to group of affiliates. An affiliate marketer usually partners with trader of products or services. The next step is the creation of own website that advertise the products or services with ads that is connected to the advertiser. Once customers are gained through your website, then you obtain percentage from the profit.

There are generally four various ways in which an affiliate marketer can earn money in this industry. This is typically based on the agreement with the trader of the products or services. These ways are on a pay-per-scale, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-call activities. All of these activities may help you to land on an earning through online marketing.

Reasons to Begin an Affiliate Marketing Business

Now that you have a little bit of idea about affiliate marketing, here are some of the purposes and ideas why you must have to start up this kind of business. These may also help you to market your business the right way.

1. An economical start-up business

The start-up cost for this business is really none. Basically, you don’t need to invest on any products to produce or stock up in your store. Moreover, you don’t need to improve any services. What you’ll need is to have a website of your own and to sign up on an affiliate program.

Signing up for an affiliate marketing program is free of charge. And there are reviews available online that you can read as your guide. I’d read the Deadline News article and it give good reviews on some useful affiliate marketing program.

2. Easy to improve

Affiliate marketing is a kind of business that can be scale or level up. Handling your overhead and maintaining its number is all up to you and to the performance of your business. Moreover, making your own business label may solely depends on you and you can employ other affiliates to promote your brand. You can either be a pioneer or a seller to make money from it.

3. You can sell what you want

Through affiliate marketing, you can build your career on your own. It is highly advisable if you work on products that you really value a lot. This strategy makes it easy for you to sell products because you do not have to lie or create a story out of it.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of business that don’t urge you to sell products that you do not like.

U.S. and China Have Contrasting Reactions to Outcome of Latest Round of US-China Trade Talks

In an effort to settle the trade dispute that has dragged on for more than a year, U.S. And Chinese officials once again met in Washington to discuss new terms and conditions that could potentially end the ongoing trade war.

According to U.S. negotiators, they have arrived at a “phase-one deal”, to which the U.S. agreed to a suspension of the tariff increase that was supposed to take effect last October 15, 2019. President Trump agreed to the partial agreement, which he said also included a deal that would have China purchasing around $40 to $50 billion U.S. agricultural products, and of addressing concerns over financial and intellectual property deals.

What the Chinese Side is Saying about the Outcome of the Recent Trade Negotiations

Gao Feng, the official spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Commerce said there is no official confirmation of the amount of agricultural purchases to which China has agreed. Although Gao confirmed that as far as agreement to place orders for U.S. agricultural products are concerned, Chinese companies would increase their purchases of U.S. agricultural products in accordance with market-based principles, particularly, the demand of the Chinese market.


Apparently wary of the U.S.’ reputation for backpedaling on previous agreements, the official Chinese state-owned English newspaper came out with an opinion piece entitled “Let’s nail down ‘phase one’first, before advancing to the next,”which suggests anticipation of the Trump administration’s unpredictable tendencies.

Small Business Funding Options Aside From Traditional Bank Loans

Numerous free crypto signals have become available for cryptocurrency users to give them trade ideas and recommendations at which best time and price a certain crypto is best to buy or sell. Such signals have been created since digital currencies have become quite popular among investors and crypto enthusiasts despite of it being volatile.

Crytocurrency for Business Startup

Since its advent, crypto had been making its way into many industries, one of which is the business industry. Today, although not as prevalent, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could be used to finance a business startup or business outlays. With many people wanting to venture into business, other financing options are being considered aside from the traditional source of financing.

For crypto holders, utilizing crypto to start a business or pay for business expenses may be an option as they already have access to it and crypto assets; however for those without access and assets, this is obviously not an option. Nonetheless, there are still numerous ways to fund a startup, especially a small business.

Non-crypto Source of Funding A Small Business

Although business proprietors merely think of the typical bank loans as a source of capitals, there are other options that are much better than the usual loans from financial institutions. The following are some possibilities:

  • Self-Financing

Debatably, self-financing is one common option of funding small business startups. While it has its downsides, it is still an excellent way to start. It involves utilizing assets of great value that you hold to secure a loan that is more flexible and with low rate of interest. However, if you are unable to settle the loan, you risk losing these assets.

  • Crowdfunding

Many years ago, crowdfunding looked impractical and unviable, but with many proving its practicality, crowdfunding has become very possible and has turned out to be a favored option of financing a small business. Although many companies find it tough to acquire traction on platforms for crowdfunding, several do and benefit immensely.

  • Product Presales

Financing through Product presale is another option to earn capital for a small business. When your product is completely developed, you could make presales prior to even presenting it. It is imperative to note that the product must be market-ready. If the product that you have developed gains market traction, you could utilize the money form the presale fund your business prior the launch. This financing strategy was used Elon Musk and Tesla during their initial production years.

  • Angel Investors

Angel investors are individuals who are well-off providing funding for business startups. They usually lend funds in exchange for convertible debt or equity in your business. An angel investor could be an excellent funding option especially if you’re at the preliminary stages of establishing your small business. Angel investors may be a person you already know, like a friend, a relative, or a mentor.

Deal or No-Deal Brexit – UK Seniors Explore Different Ways to Boost or Optimise Retirement Funds

Many UK seniors and non-British workers are still anxious over how a Deal or a No-Deal Brexit could affect their UK state pension; or on how and where foreign-based UK retirees and non-British workers in the UK, should coordinate state pension claims.

Actually, there is no cause for worry even if the finalisation of the withdrawal event is taking a long time to materialise. The latest deadline set is on October 31, 2019, to which the UK government has updated the State and Pension web pages. They provide up-to-date information on matters that concern British and non-British retirees living and/or working in the UK. That way, currently retired senior adults and those who plan to retire can prepare a retirement plan based on either a Deal or No-Deal Brexit withdrawal.

The more important thing is for UK retirees or future retirees, regardless of nationality, move forward with a retirement plan. Let’s face it, saving up for a future retirement is a challenging mission. Even more so if goods and medication, would have higher prices if coming from any of the EU economic zones.

Important Options Available to Senior Adults Who Retire

Most retirees anticipate reaching a stage where state pensions or money saved for retirement will not be enough in addressing deteriorating physical and health conditions. They therefore look for ways to increase or optimise their retirement funds as early as possible.

Those who were able to own the property in which they live consider taking out a mortgage loan under a home equity release scheme. Others who are not as fortunate optimise their retirement money by cohabiting with relatives or nearest family. Some others co-share a home with other retirees, or with a younger adult. The latter arrangement though requires help of a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping seniors cope with the difficulties of living alone.

Home Equity Release Mortgage

There are several types of equity release mortgages to choose from when seeking to boost one’s retirement funds. The most basic is the Lifetime Mortgage, which allows an elderly to borrow funds using their real property as collateral. Its main feature is that it allows borrowers, age 55 and beyond, to cash out a portion of their equity but without requiring monthly payments.

The payment scheme of a Lifetime Mortgage works on the principle that the mortgaged property, will in time, appreciate in value. The property therefore will be sold in the future, once the senior borrower passes away, or when he or reaches a condition that requires full and long-term nursing care in a facility.

To at least have an idea on how much can be borrowed, be sure to use the kind of equity release calculator uk lenders are using. That way the tool will calculate the loanable equity amount based on data related to British seniors and to UK properties.

Cohabitation or Home Sharing Options for Seniors

Adult children of retired Britons usually offer their retired parents the comfort of their home to help optimise their parent’s retirement money. This is usually true if retired parents are only renting out a flat or a big house that was once home to a big family. Some retired seniors prefer not to impose on the family of their adult children, since they want to have the freedom to live as they please during retirement.

In such cases, some non-profit organisations extend help by looking for a potential homesharer, who can stay with, and at least be a friend to the senior sharing his or her home. Home Sharing administrators carefully vet a potential homesharer. They usually select a younger adult willing to do some simple chores for the sharing senior, as an alternative to paying rent. Both the homesharing senior and the younger adult pay the non-profit organisation a monthly minimum fee for their administrative services.

Marketing Your Business The Right Way

Competition is becoming harder and harder these days since the industry is becoming very progressive in such a fast pace. Businesses are required to be more unique and adaptive for customer usage and want. Almost every business possible is already existing and nothing can be more in the industry than to excel in your field and make people see what is enticing in your brand compared to hundreds of other brands that are in the same line of the channel. Marketing and advertising is the game to win the hearts of the customers, and that is what you need to focus on.

The Three-Step Game to Basic Marketing

Know Your Industry. When running a business, it is always best for you to know your essentials. From people you’re gonna be working with to where you’re gonna be working at, getting yourself familiar with your field is one way to best play the game. The truth is doing a good job is not enough to make the cut in your field, but being smart on how you market your business or yourself will give you more opportunities, whether meeting important people in your industry or being the important one.

Being Authentic. Authenticity is something that will last forever. To make the first step a successful one, this latter is important to always mind. Pioneers in your field always have a strong sense in identifying who is really working and who are really selling. Being half-ass in what you do will never benefit you, and may cause you to lose strings that you have established. In a strong competition, always remember that the one who keeps it real will always have the additional score.

Learn to give importance to your consumers. Often, businessmen become so invested in making their brand big that they forget who really gets to decide who is who. Your costumers will always have the say to what you offer in the market and it is best to let them feel that they are prioritized and valued altogether. Providing services, products, and events for them to make them feel the most included in your brand will give you the best step ahead of everyone. Neglecting them is basically bad credit.

The Advantages of a Business Loan

Many individuals take out a loan from financial institutions or lending companies, such as American Pride Legal Funding, especially during times of immediate need. Such need is no different from business proprietors, especially when the economy is not at its best.

An individual doesn’t need to have finished a degree in finance or economics to see that the economy of many nations around the globe isn’t doing quite well. At times, even nations with a strong economy may undergo a crisis or recession. Rates of unemployment may rise, and numerous companies may go bankrupt, whereas others may be hardly getting by. In the dynamic and fluctuating climate of the economy, small scale business owners’ only choice is to take out a business loan to obtain the money they need to keep their business in operation. With a cost-effective business loan, just about any business could notice instantaneous growth provided that the supplementary capital is utilized judiciously.

Why Consider a Business Loan?

Business loans are obtained for various reasons as it helps in growing a business, such as to safeguard financing or cash flow to sustain the operations of the business, invest in business equipment to improve the business, open a new outlet, or for other business-related undertakings. Business loans are generally easy to get hold of since there are a huge number of lenders who are eager and ready to collaborate with business proprietors with a certain credit score, an established income, as well as a proper business plan.

Benefits of a Business Loan

The greatest advantage of getting a loan in times when the economy is hit hard is that businesses could utilize it to raise their working or operational capital. Although businesses who are considering expanding frequently have sufficient cash to turn into something larger, getting a loan permits them to keep alive their cash flow for business operations to make it simpler and smoother for them to deal with any sudden expenditures. Therefore, businesses are able to repay their loan through the use of the new revenue earned from the business expansion.

Typically, in the event that the loan is granted to a corporate unit, the proprietor of the business won’t repay the loan if the company is unsuccessful. When it comes to it, the company is liquidated. This aids to repay a partial or the entire amount of the finances borrowed. Several business proprietors keep this beneficial attribute in check when borrowing funds since in case of a default, it is merely the business itself that goes bankrupt, not the proprietor.

In the long run, all proprietors of businesses should assess the needs and wants of their business prior to get in touch and making an agreement with a lender to identify which kind of lender is fitting for their business. In the same way, it is necessary that business proprietors read every detail of the terms and conditions associated with any loan they are contemplating on taking.

Prolonged US-China Trade War Starting to Erode the Confidence of Small Businesses

The prolonged trade war between the United States and China is fast causing an erosion in the confidence of small business operators and owners.

Although the majority, 58% percent, of those surveyed by SurveyMonkey and CNBC, are still optimistic that they will see revenue growth in the next 12 months or so, as many as 55 % also said that they expect the ongoing trade policy to eventually create a negative impact on their business by next year,

According to CNBC, the drop in the confidence of small business owners and operators has fallen to a level not seen since the survey taken in 2017. As it is, entrepreneurs of small businesses, encounter direct or indirect hits that are triggering the gradual erosion of overall confidence in the sector.

According to Survey Monkey’s senior research scientist, Laura Wronski, entrepreneurs are slowly feeling the volatility of the market and of the country’s economy. They feel the trade war policies will eventually create a negative effect on their small business by as early as next year.

Ms. Wronski added that trade war is the current issue that has been causing a huge divergence in the size of small business owners who expect Trump’s trade wars will bring either positive or negative effects by next year. She recalls that there was a time when the numbers were almost even, and at times even net positive.

In the ongoing saga of the US China Trade War, the number of business owners anticipating a negative impact is now twice as many as those expecting a positive effect for their small enterprises .

The SBE Council’s Take On the Eroding Confidence of Small Businesses

Small Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council president and CEO Karen Kerrigan, said

”The longer the trade war with China continues, the “deeper and wider” the effect will be on small businesses.”… “Optimism is still relatively high, but notably. slowly receding now that we are experiencing a critical period in the U.S. economy.”

Ms. Kerrigan explained that mid and small-size businesses depend on larger businesses, in the same way that agricultural communities are dependent on farmers to sell their products.


She remarked that if the present administration can get a China trade deal, even one that not as comprehensive but starts with something like market access and of Intellectual Property (IP) protection, as well as get the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) through Congress, it would all have a very positive effect on the markets, investors, as well as on the small businesses.

Useful Tips For The Business Traveler

Millions of people fly daily in the US and internationally to conduct critical business activities, so it’s crucial to be ready for every business trip you make. Before going any further on this article, we always encourage travelers to secure themselves the best travel insurance possible for protection as anything can happen during a trip.

Follow these tips to transform any business trip into leisure-like travel

Join A Travel Program

All regular travelers must consider signing up for a travel plan regardless of business or leisure travel. Business traveling could be exhausting and nerve-racking from time to time, so make certain you are receiving essentially the most from your air travel. Get hold of those Airmiles and gain from flight updates, use of priority check-ins and promo free flights.

Packing for Business Travel

Do not overpack business wear. It’s the most typical travel oversight. Learn to travel light to make it easier for you. Check on the following when packing:

  • Check the weather at your destination
  • Number of days to spend in your business travel
  • Events you will be attending (casual or formal events)

Pack only what is needed. Reduce your baggage by layering your outfit. Choose a few accessories. No need to pack for toiletries as these items are usually available in your destination.

Hand Luggage

If you can fit your travel needs in one hand luggage, so much the better so as to avoid wasted time in luggage check out counters. While this may not be feasible to all business travelers, it’s always at best to have a light set of clothes kept in your hand luggage along with all the important documents you are going to need.

Make your Flight time Your time

Turn your flight time into a relaxing time for yourself. Use it to gather your thoughts before meetings and use the rest of the flight time to watch a movie or just to catch a much-needed nap.

Lastly, take pleasure in the trip! These types of travels are great opportunities to become acquainted with your clients and work acquaintances.

Consumer Loan and Business Loan: How are they different?

The way businesses borrow funds to finance the operation cost or expense of their business is basically different from the way consumers borrow funds to be able to make purchases or pay off unexpected bills. See www.forbrukslån.com. Although several purchases may be alike, like purchasing a property, the terms and conditions concerning a business loan differs greatly from that of a consumer loan.

The Difference Between Consumer and Business Loan

A consumer loan is when an individual borrows secured or unsecured funds or money from a lender. Consumer loan includes credit cards, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, refinances, auto loans, student loans, as well as personal loans

A business loan, on the other hand, is a loan particularly meant for business reasons or purposes. Similar to other loans, it entails the generation of a debt wherein it will be paid back together with interest. Business loan includes microloans, invoice financing, mezzanine financing, bank loans, asset-based financing, cash flow loans, as well as business cash advances.

Collateral or Asset

Typically, both consumer loans and business loans necessitate collateral, also called assets, for the purpose of securing or protecting the loan. The collateral for both loans may include investments or real estate. Moreover, a business loan may possibly be collateralized by furniture and fixtures, equipment or inventory. Besides safeguarding the business assets, a business loan may necessitate the owner of the business to also make their personal assets available.

Loan Guarantor

Usually, a consumer loan doesn’t necessitate a guarantor to be able to take out a loan. A guarantor is an individual who guarantees or assures that the borrower will pay back the money borrowed. In the event that the loan isn’t settled by the borrower on the agreed schedule, the bank or the lender could legally go after the guarantor who signed the loan for payment. For a business, when they apply for a loan, the business owners typically need to sign themselves as guarantors. By doing so, their personal assets as well as their business assets are placed at risk.


Frequently, a consumer loan will necessitate pay stubs, a credit report, or tax returns. For business loans, the business’ credit reports will be evaluated. Furthermore, businesses taking out a business loan will be obligated to supply financial statements for the last three years. Financial institutions oftentimes need these financial statements to be compiled and documented by a certified accountant. Additionally, tax returns as well as duplicates of contracts with suppliers, merchant and customers may be a requirement as well. Generally, the needed documentations for a business loan to be granted transcend what is necessitated for a consumer loan.

Payment Terms

Typically, business loans have a term that is shorter with the inclusion of a greater interest rate compared to a consumer loan. At times, this could hinge on how long a business has operated and the available quantity of collateral for the loan. If an inventory is the only thing that secures a business loan, the loan will have a shorter term and will have an interest rate that’s higher compared to a business loan wherein it is secured by an asset that’s of more value such as real estate. Furthermore, certain business loans are callable loans wherein banking institutions are at a particular time permitted to call the loan due.  If the loan is called due, it is a must for the borrower to settle the full remaining loan amount.

Growing Your Business Loan

It doesn’t matter if you receive loan from a bank or from Zebra loans from New Zealand or has acquired it through alternative lender. What matters most here is that, the funds you have acquired can help you in achieving your business goals, ensure continued growth and make the necessary changes.

Probably, your mind is thinking of all potential outcomes with the money you have on hand. However, just before loan reaches your bank account, it is vital to think thoroughly of what you should do with your funds. According to business finance experts, there are certain methods that should be applied when managing your finances, more so if it comes from a business loan.

Initially, your personal money and business money has to be in a separate account. In the event that you are using the loan funds in covering the existing operational purchases and expenses, then you may want to put it somewhere other than your main business checking account. In essence, pretending that the money is not there and transferring only when you need it prevents you from overspending.

Automatic Loan Repayments

We are all guilty of missing or having late payments on our loan. And while this may be common to many of us, this is no laughing matter. It can damage your credit score. Furthermore, it can make it harder to borrow money in case you need it in the future. One way of ensuring that you’d stay on top of loan repayments is to set up automatic debits.

Majority of the lenders have an online banking system that lets you do this. So long as you know that there will be fund that would come in every month to make the payments, it is going to save you from the hassle and stress of moving your money manually.

What must be Avoided?

Of course, if there are things that you can do to make the most of your newly acquired business loans, there are couple of things that has to be averted as well. What are these things if you may ask? Read on…

Spending simply because you could – probably, there are dozens of smaller expenses that you have to cover from your newly acquired loan. Before spreading the money out, make sure that you’ve prepared a plan for that bulk of money.

You may be thinking that spending 20 or 50 dollars here and there will not affect your financial strategy? Think again! This little amount will gradually add up and before you know it, you already fall short on funds and stressed out on where to get money again.

Fundamentals of Applying for a Business Loan Online

Regardless if you are starting a business or expanding it, money will definitely be involved. In this matter, online money lenders can be a great option to get business loans with best interests. Furthermore, they can offer you with more flexible payment terms allowing you to gradually get back up with whatever you owe.

With business loans online, the lending agencies have discovered a way in which the loan process can be simplified. Therefore, it makes loan application process faster and easier.

Now, there’s no need to bring the entire document, travel to their office and stand in queue just to get your loans.

In fact, to guarantee that you’ll get an approval, you can browse seasoned tradelines at personaltradelines.com.

Everything’s Online Today

As the name suggests, online business loans are based entirely online. Here, you just have to fill up a form and enter the details asked. With the form, you’ll have to furnish a couple of documents such as:

  • Credit history
  • Business details
  • Number of your employees
  • Fiscal year
  • Financial statement
  • Federal Tax ID

If you are seeking to finance or get funding for a new business, you will have to showcase your business plan. At this point, any secrecy you have with your business will be disclosed. Unless you are ready to discuss all of it, you don’t have a shot for an approval.

In the event that you have bad credit score, don’t fret. Online business loans aren’t discriminatory in such. Still proceed with the application and who knows, they may allow you to have a business loan. However, it might not just be the amount that you initially expected.

Your Personal Details

On top of the general business info that will be requested from you, you will need to provide your personal info. This will include:

  • Monthly housing payments
  • Percentage of business you own and;
  • Any outstanding debts

Expect online business loan lenders to ask you these questions. They will assess the information and the risks involved if they lend you money. Their expert team will assess whether or not the business will run. So make sure that you are transparent with everything you tell them. One way or the other, they’re going to figure it out.

After all, the information that you’ll disclose to them will be kept confidential. So nothing’s going to go out in public.

Inspirational Quote about Finance: "Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully."